Matthew Grech - Give Me A Chance (Pro-Life Anthem) ft. Stevey EB & Louise Varming

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LIVE @ Emmanuel Centre, Westminster: Thursday 2nd May, 2019 - 6.00 pm
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Percussion and Duduk by James Jesser

My mission ladies and gentlemen
Among many things is this
To infuse humanity into a debate
That we have just compartmentalized
And sat on a shelf and said “It is an issue”
We have removed our emotions
We are becoming harder
Do you really want that
Or at the end of the day is it all about you

This is a critical hour
Of love of money and power
Pac-man is eating up
Like a lil' bad chief devourer
Tampering with them futures
Like a deadly skilled archer
Pointing at the weak and voiceless
Famished for unborn goodness

I'm ready to let out a cry
For those who don't carry a sound
To stop it before it's too late
This bloody and criminal hate
Wake up this ain't no common good
Attacking the land's parenthood
Changing our laws like they're running the show
Working their wicked schemes in the shadow

Give me a chance
To be revealed
Death is not my end
I now appeal
My life is worth more than just a number
I want to see the world in living color
Why abort a miracle

What is wrong with these people

Life is sacred from conception
I know this by revelation
I'm tuning in to that voice within
The world out there lies in deception
Now we're choosing embryos
We need a couple wombs that we can borrow
To raise dysfunctional families
With orphan hearts in deep sorrow

I'm ready to let out a cry
Before the face of the Most High
To stop it before it's too late
This selfish injustice so great
Wake up this ain't no common good
We've got the power to intrude
Remember friend, you ought to know
Back in the day it was really not so

Don’t you realize that you cannot make your own heart beat
It is the mercy of God that sustains you

You don't want to hear the voice of my bloodshed
It reaches to the sky and messes with your head
There's a battle for my life, I've got to win the race
For the one that watches me is on top of my case